Thursday, 6 July 2017

In the news again

but for all the wrong reasons

Clare's Tea Party was not the only exhibit that was damaged, though nothing else ended up in the river.

Sunday, 9 April 2017

Great Easter Bunny Hunt

Hitchin Stitchin', was asked to provide knitted rabbits for the Great Easter Bunny Hunt, on the first weekend of the school holidays.

With the help of Festiwool, and Woolly Chic (who designed a kit in time for the competition), we provided ten Easter Bunnies, who took part in the event. 

Each Bunny was named after a rabbit from children's stories, and was hidden in a shop window display. 

The event proved very popular. Many of those taking part asked if they could purchase their favourite rabbit. The Hunt took place on Saturday 1st April, and the winner was announced on 4th April.

Saturday, 17 December 2016

Christmas Secret Santa

at The Sun Hotel.

A small, select, group had a luverly time.


Thanks to Sue for this great compilation. It really caught the mood.

Saturday, 12 November 2016


I popped in to Festiwool for an hour or so this afternoon.

The weaving workshop looked

I was sorry to have to opt-out of the sewing workshop, as I wasn't feeling well.

The tutor is arranging a private lesson for me when I'm feeling better.

I was impressed by the variety on offer from the stall holders this year.

Love these caps. I'd like to make one and would have liked to stop and ask what is used inside the peak.

Aren't these crocheted wraps lovely?

Such delicate lace-work.

It was  nice to see such a variety of techniques for creating fabric on offer,

and such lovely, sustainable yarn on offer from all over the world.

North Herts Spinners, Weavers, and Dyers, displayed some of their work. Hilary's log cabin weave was worked on our recent away-weekend.

I was sorry to miss the fashion show(s) which were staged throughout the day. I would like to have seen our group's work showcased.

I made a couple of purchases, including some cotton yarn from Unique Yarns Co. that I will be trying out on my loom. It's 100% cotton, dyed to resemble leather. It's a ribbon yarn, and, although fine, has the same wraps per inch as an aran weight.

The turnout was a little down on last year by the time I left at 2pm but there were another 3 hours to go, and people were still arriving. Those who were early birds were taking a rest in the Food Hub and on the Atrium steps.

Friday, 2 September 2016


to our newest, and youngest group member,

Orla brought her Mum, Britta, to the meeting this morning and showed us what concentrating on the knitting really meant.

She showed a great interest in what was happening with the rest of the group too.

The group did not disapppoint.

There was a variety of knitting work in evidence, and some first attempts at Patchwork from Pam.

Sue impressed us with some recent art work that she had just collected from the framer's.

Group members have a great diversity of talents, not just knitting and crochet. It's lovely when members share their finished projects, whatever the medium.

Sunday, 21 August 2016

St Mary's Yarn bombing

was a great success, again, this year. Entitled 'Vestree', it had a fashionable theme.

I was really sorry to have missed it. By the time I was well enough to go out after a month's illness, on Friday 29th , most of the exhibition had been removed. There were some vests, languishing on the hedge, in the rain - unlike the ones in this photo from Off the Hook.

I have some photos to remind me of what I missed.

This corsetted dress from Philippa.

This one from Helen

We had some nice press coverage. .

from the local press,

and, of course, the wonderful video from Hitchin TV.


So, although I wasn't able to view the exhibition in person, I had a good idea of th pleasure it gave to visitors to the Chirchyard in July.

Tuesday, 19 July 2016

Hitchin Stitchin' PM

Tonight is the final meeting of the evening group this term. Meeting will resume in September. Meet a The Sun Hotel, Sun Street, Hitchin 7 - 9pm

Friday, 17 June 2016

In the news again

Our yarn-bombing prowess seems to be appreciated. We should add it to our list of talents.

I do like those poppies, and Festiwool's bike gets more colourful every time it gets an outing.

Friday, 10 June 2016

Triangle Community Garden

yarn bomb, to coincide with International Yarn Bombing Day and the Triangle Garden's Open Day.

Philippa, Andy, Helen, and Angela set up the yarnbomb this morning. It will run from today until Sunday evening. Exhibits provided by Festiwool, Woolly Chic, and Hitchin Sitchin (plus honorary members, Nuala  (my  SiL), visiting from Germany (poppies), and Marnee, from Norfolk (bees) ),

The pergola and mosaic in the winter, waiting for the flowers to bloom.

Past the bike

Through the entrance

to the pergolas-in-bloom

Explore the garden and see how many yarn exhibits you can find.

Some will be up high, among the trees,

others will be on the ground, amid the wildflowers

Can you find the lollipop tree? Ot the giant strawberries? There are lots of plants and their friends hidden along the paths. If you get lost, just follow the bunting.

Can you tell which of these roses, in the collage, are real, and which are woolly?

Amid the flowers, you may spot some flowers' friends

Visit the Triangle Community Garden over the weekend

 and meet some of the creators in the Marquee on the Open Day.